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From delusion lead me to Truth
from darkness lead me to Light
from death lead me to Eternal Life
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Recent Memorials
 Landon Nicholas Tash
Born in Indiana, United States
Memorial site created by Kelly Hatzo
Landon Nicholas Tash

 Christopher Gedraitis
Memorial site created by Lisa Nelson
Christopher Gedraitis

 Felix Raimundi-Resto
Born in Puerto Rico
Memorial site created by Hilda J Raimundi
Felix Raimundi-Resto

 Patricia Ann Hynes
Born in California, United States
Memorial site created by Serina Hynes
Patricia Ann Hynes

In Remembrance Of assists you in creating a memorial for your loved one or friend who has passed away.

The memorial web site is created using our outstanding library of templates, music, your most cherished photos and loving memories. Your memorial contains all these great features.

Remember Loved Ones
  • Everlasting Memorial
  • Photo Album and Slide Show
  • Unique web address chosen by you
  • Tributes posted to your Memorial
  • Account Control Panel sets privacy
  • Visitors Light Candles/Offer Prayers
  • Customized Memorial Layout and Design
  • Online help files guide your every step

It only takes a few minutes to create a memorial site. View our tutorial to see just how easy it is.

Find out how you can sponsor an existing memorial for a friend or loved one.

We also have memorials for some of our most famous leaders.